Green weddings are becoming more and more popular.  Some might even say “trendy.”  And while I groan at that word, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one, I do think it does help get people to actually think a little about the choices and decisions they make, and hopefully lowers the environmental impact somewhere.  So when I see wedding planners who blog starting to post things about green weddings, that makes me happy.  And they’re experts!  They (might or seem to) know what they’re doing!  It’s a little different from my blog, where I’m kind of stumbling around and mostly just sharing my experiences with you and documenting ideas for myself.  So, I thought I’d share some of my favorite wedding resources with you.

  • The first isn’t a website, but rather a book.  It’s called Eco-Chic Weddings, and it’s by Emily Anderson.  It’s basically my handbook.  Not only does it have lots of great tips, but it’s organized very well and is easy to read.  And you can definitely pick and choose what you decide to use, and Emily always seems to encourage using your own ideas.  And, my favorite part, it has lots of resources (including lots of websites!) that you can go to.  I actually bought the book, because I had a gift certificate and 2 sisters to pass it on to (and it’s awesome), but if you just want to check it out first before buying it yourself, go to your library (had to put that in somewhere)!  You can go to WorldCat, an awesome online catalog of lots of libraries all over the world – just type in your location to see if the book’s available near you!  If not, make your library get it.  🙂 
  • You should also check out Emily’s eco-chic blog!  Lots of great ideas all the time, and the archives are invaluable.
  • I actually don’t remember how I found Ethical Weddings site (probably just by searching for “green” or “eco” and “weddings” in Google), but I really like it.  It has real-world stories, featured articles, and a list of ethical suppliers, just to name some of the resources on this user-friendly site.
  • I’ve also come across Portovert numerous times on other blogs and websites.  I’m not the biggest fan of it, because it seems cluttered and yet overly simplistic at the same time, but it does have a national directory of green service providers in everything from locations to dresses.  It’s definitely a solid resource, and while I may not be the hugest fan (I think part of that is that it is a “national” resource and doesn’t quite have the personalized feel of Ethical Living or Eco Chic), it definitely deserves a spot up here.
  • Those are my main resources for now, but I’m always on the lookout.  I’ve already had a couple expert-type people post comments on my blog with links to their websites (check out The Last Bridesmaid and How to Get Married in Green), and would love to get more!  And any other resources I’ll find, I’ll post to my account with the “wedding” tag, so new sites will always pop up on the left side of my blog.  

So those are the experts I’m going to.  🙂  But I would also like to share with you my expertise.  I’ve got this degree in library and information science, and that training has given me a decent skill set for finding things.  So I’d like to take my best shot at finding things about green weddings for you!  I welcome any and all takers; and we’ll see who can stump the librarian…