With green rings…

November 10, 2009

Okay, so our rings weren’t actually green.  But that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t incorporate a green ring into your ceremony!  I’ve mentioned Etsy (the wonderful online craft fair) before, and I’ll probably mention the site several more times in the near future, but I can’t recommend it enough.  And it’s where we found our recycled gold, handmade in upstate NY wedding bands.  They’re similar to Jason’s parents’ (Jason’s mom actually made those herself; another option).  And the set was only a little more expensive than the single ring I bought Jason for our engagement (which wasn’t eco-friendly in any way, being from Zale’s and back when I was a kind of oblivious grad student, but we’ll keep it in the family and make sure it lasts a long time)!

Without further ado:

Jason & Amy's wedding rings

From Natalie Franke Photography: http://www.nataliefrankephotography.com

And here’s the Etsy listing.  We loved working with Elizabeth of esdesigns; even though everything was through e-mail, it felt so personal.  And we did have to have both our rings resized after we originally got them (our fault for guessing in the first place), which she did and then got them back to us in a matter of days.  I love the way it looks on my hand.  It doesn’t match my platinum engagement ring, but now I wear that on my right hand, so whichever hand I look at, I get to think of my wedding and the amazing man I married.

There’s an awful lot of great information about eco-friendly jewelry available on the internet, so I’m going to let you google all that yourself.  I also talked a little bit about them in an earlier post on the engagement ring post above, so check that out if you need a place to get started!  And let me know what you end up doing.  🙂

(this is also the first post with one of our awesome photographer’s gorgeous pictures.  There’ll be lots more!  You can see a few of us on her blog post “Amy & Jason’s Wedding,” but you should check out her whole website: http://www.nataliefrankephotography.com!)


The Engagement Ring

May 15, 2008

Since I just spent a lot of time today trying to figure out how to insure my ring (I didn’t have renter’s insurance, and then there was this thing with too many roommates…it got figured out, though, ❤ State Farm), I thought I’d post something really fast about it.

I’m the 4th generation woman to wear this ring in my family.  It originally belonged to my maternal grandmother’s aunt (according to a letter kept in my parents’ firesafe, it’s from 1928), who passed it on to my grandmother, who passed it on to my mother via my dad (who had the diamond reset in a simple gold band so that he had some say in it), and now to me.  I’ve put the stone back in the original platinum setting, and it’s beautiful.  And not only is it amazingly unique with a great story and am I fortunate enough to wear it until I pass it on to the next generation (it skips my sisters and will go to either an eldest daughter or niece; i didn’t make the rules, but I sure benefitted), but to my knowledge it’s not a blood diamond and I’m definitely “reusing.”  And I have to admit, it made the idea of proposing to Jason easier knowing that I already had a ring.  🙂 

Eventually, we’ll be looking at ways to get eco-friendly wedding bands as well, but for now, I’ll just post a link to a fascinating jeweler with lab-created diamonds (set in recycled gold!): greenKarat.  And, if you have a jeweler in mind, just talk to him/her/them about what your options are.  Check out the Buyer’s Guide from Amnesty International for some guidance.  There’s always lots of options, and you should be able to find something no matter your budget (tattoos, anyone?)!

And, with this and any other entry, I’d love to see other people’s thoughts and experiences in the comments.  🙂