Movin’ on out

July 9, 2008

I apologize for the blog hiatus.  It’s going to continue for a little while longer, too,  *sniff.  I promise wonderful posts upon my return, though!  Jason and I are in the middle of moving into a new apartment in Seattle, and we have to clean A LOT.  And get rid of some stuff.  (Inserting plugs for Freecycle and to get rid of and/or find awesome stuff; including everything from wedding dresses to tools that will help you make cool favors.)

But I won’t leave you without something to keep you kind of entertained.

  1. This falls completely within the bounds of this blog, and will give you something to read until my return:  the Sierra Club Green Tips are running a series on green weddings!  Check it out.
  2. The rest of these aren’t so much wedding related.  But they’re fun!  Take a break from the planning.  And they’re on the internet, thus saving paper.  Just remember to turn off your monitor and put your computer to sleep when you walk away.  🙂  First: Questionable Content.  I love the characters, and the drawing.  It’s worth going back to the beginning to pick up on the story lines.  Author Jeph also has a music blog attached to the site that’s pretty great.
  3. 2nd webcomic: PvPOnline  (PvP is Player vs. Player; it’s gamer speak).  If you go back a few strips, there’s a wedding!  But really, I recommend going back to the beginning.  Hilarity.  I’ve met author Scott Kurtz thanks to a friend, and he’s a great guy with some amazing talent.
  4. Dinosaur Comics.  Always funny, even though the images never change.  I have a huge crush on T-Rex.
  5. xkcd.  Also always funny, and always really smart. 
  6. Penny Arcade.  My first webcomic.  And a little of a niche market.  While PvP definitely has its gaming references, Penny Arcade is all about gaming, and occasionally some randomness.  I love it.  And I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting Gabe and Tycho.  They also run a wonderful charity that distributes games and fun things to children who are sick and scared in hospitals that we may consider giving to as “favors” for our wedding.  And if making fun of GTA isn’t necessarily your thing, maybe still check it out.  🙂
  7. Not a webcomic, but my no-longer-secret sin.  Go Fug Yourself.  Because making fun of celebrities in bad clothes always eases the stress of finding a reception venue that will allow you to use your own eco-friendly, local caterer (true story!).

All these comics have awesome merch stores with things that we’ll probably be adding to our registry.  We already have a toaster oven (uses way less energy than a conventional oven when all you’re doing is heating up tator tots for 2), but we don’t have the complete Penny Arcade series.