June 5, 2008

Okay, this was kind of a long string of internet events, so let’s just go through it step by step.¬† ūüôā

1.) I was checking out the clothing at Gaia Conceptions, the owner/designer of the Etsy store with the dresses I mentioned in an earlier post.  Because of my upcoming fellowship, I feel this need to purchase some grown-up clothes, and I thought, hey, might as well start with an organic clothing line with pretty colors (and I can test out my wedding palette!).

2.) Because Gaia Conceptions is based in North Carolina, I decided to check out the “Stores” section of the website to see if there was possibly a whole-seller somewhere closer.¬† I found 90210 Organics, in Los Angeles.¬† While¬†I’m not sure that’s necessarily going to save shipping, since any gain in shipping large numbers of items from NC to CA¬†might be lost in the long shipping from LA to Seattle, there was free shipping on orders over $100, which mine was.¬† I also like to save a buck.¬† ūüôā¬† Of course, if you happen to be near Greenboro, NC, I recommend just checking out the cute store that sells Gaia Conceptions’ clothing, and you’ll save all those pesky shipping emissions and fees completely.

3.) When checking out of 90210 Organics, I saw a box for insterting a coupon code.¬† Now that’s just a tipoff that coupons exist, and both my mom and I have had lots of luck¬†just googling to find coupon¬†codes.¬† So I typed in “90210¬†organics coupon”¬†into my¬†Google box just to see what I could find.¬† And I found a whole site dedicated to green comparison shopping, complete with an entire coupons section!¬† This is going to make shopping for favors/bridesmaids’ gifts/things to put on the registry so easy.¬† So go check out Pristine Planet.¬†¬†And not only is it a future resource, but I found a coupon that¬†saved me an additional 10% off my 90210 Organics order.¬†¬†Eco-score!

4.) Totally random tangent, but while I’m talking about Google, dear readers, I discovered Blackle¬†way back when, and this is as good a time as any to share it with you.¬† Use less energy on your monitor by searching from an all black, rather than all white, screen (more info here).¬† Check out the comments!¬† ūüôā

5.) And, finally, I’ll share with you what I ordered, and in doing so, reveal¬†our¬†(potential) wedding palette:

Kangeroo Tunic in Squash, Savannah Blouse in Wine.¬†¬†Our colors hopefully being dark goldish and wine.¬† As soon as I get the shirts, I’ll take pictures and let ya’ll see.¬† They’re kind of grown-up, right?¬† Eventually, I think I’ll also get this pants/pantsuit, hopefully in grey, which is available on the Etsy store, but not on the website yet.¬† ūüôā¬† Good¬†thing librarians can be a little quirky and don’t necessarily have to be high-powered business (I do have a nice¬†blazer and some pinstripe pants somewhere, though, just for emergencies).

So that’s¬†it!¬†¬†I suppose it’s a little bit of the librarian¬†in me showing you my search strategies so that you can share in my wedding information literacy.¬† Now go, find all things wedding and eco and bring them to me!¬† ¬†¬†¬†