June 5, 2008

Okay, this was kind of a long string of internet events, so let’s just go through it step by step.  🙂

1.) I was checking out the clothing at Gaia Conceptions, the owner/designer of the Etsy store with the dresses I mentioned in an earlier post.  Because of my upcoming fellowship, I feel this need to purchase some grown-up clothes, and I thought, hey, might as well start with an organic clothing line with pretty colors (and I can test out my wedding palette!).

2.) Because Gaia Conceptions is based in North Carolina, I decided to check out the “Stores” section of the website to see if there was possibly a whole-seller somewhere closer.  I found 90210 Organics, in Los Angeles.  While I’m not sure that’s necessarily going to save shipping, since any gain in shipping large numbers of items from NC to CA might be lost in the long shipping from LA to Seattle, there was free shipping on orders over $100, which mine was.  I also like to save a buck.  🙂  Of course, if you happen to be near Greenboro, NC, I recommend just checking out the cute store that sells Gaia Conceptions’ clothing, and you’ll save all those pesky shipping emissions and fees completely.

3.) When checking out of 90210 Organics, I saw a box for insterting a coupon code.  Now that’s just a tipoff that coupons exist, and both my mom and I have had lots of luck just googling to find coupon codes.  So I typed in “90210 organics coupon” into my Google box just to see what I could find.  And I found a whole site dedicated to green comparison shopping, complete with an entire coupons section!  This is going to make shopping for favors/bridesmaids’ gifts/things to put on the registry so easy.  So go check out Pristine Planet.  And not only is it a future resource, but I found a coupon that saved me an additional 10% off my 90210 Organics order.  Eco-score!

4.) Totally random tangent, but while I’m talking about Google, dear readers, I discovered Blackle way back when, and this is as good a time as any to share it with you.  Use less energy on your monitor by searching from an all black, rather than all white, screen (more info here).  Check out the comments!  🙂

5.) And, finally, I’ll share with you what I ordered, and in doing so, reveal our (potential) wedding palette:

Kangeroo Tunic in Squash, Savannah Blouse in Wine.  Our colors hopefully being dark goldish and wine.  As soon as I get the shirts, I’ll take pictures and let ya’ll see.  They’re kind of grown-up, right?  Eventually, I think I’ll also get this pants/pantsuit, hopefully in grey, which is available on the Etsy store, but not on the website yet.  🙂  Good thing librarians can be a little quirky and don’t necessarily have to be high-powered business (I do have a nice blazer and some pinstripe pants somewhere, though, just for emergencies).

So that’s it!  I suppose it’s a little bit of the librarian in me showing you my search strategies so that you can share in my wedding information literacy.  Now go, find all things wedding and eco and bring them to me!     


5 Responses to “Thrifty!”

  1. Drew d'Avis Says:

    I’m sorry to say that testing suggests Blackle is mostly irrelevant.

    Regardless, I’ll be keeping up with everything else on here. Blog on, Amy!

  2. Damn! Oh well. Bad librarian, not doing my research. Everyone, check out Drew’s link, and turn off your monitors when not in use!

  3. Sarah Outlaw Says:

    Hey There! I came across your blog while doing my weekly Google search for my company to see where we rank in the search engines. I wanted to let you know that we carry the entire Gaia Conceptions’ line so if you see something elsewhere that you like and it’s not up on our site yet, drop us a line and let us know.
    Best wishes as you prepare for your eco-wedding.
    Green Blessings,

  4. minnie Says:

    If you are looking for some bridemaid gifts that are green- i found an amazing necklace here

  5. wow, those are beautiful, Minnie, but a little outside of my budget. 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

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