New Name!

June 4, 2008

Okay, it’s official.  Well, at least Jason has told his parents, so that makes it pretty official in my book.  Barring unforeseen circumstances and/or any sudden decisions to take off and get married in Vegas with only my little sister and Elvis as witnesses, we will be getting married in Delaware.  Sorry, Seattle!  I love you, but it works out the best for everyone.  And we’re definitely going to be using our friend Mark for the catering.  He’s going to have his very own bread oven (yeah, I linked here earlier, but here’s a tiny bit more publicity for you, Mark), so I think it’s a win-win situation all around.  🙂  Stay tuned for more info on the catering, like what we chose to serve, ingredients, how to reduce waste, etc. etc.

I have to admit, “living green” is something I feel the west coast does much better as a whole than the east coast.  I hope I’m going to be pleasantly surprised.  Obviously big cities have lots of options (New York, Philadelphia, DC), but maybe it’s just that people on the east seem more set in their ways and the fact that it’s been settled longer means they don’t have quite the same sense of awe about the land around them.  I’m not putting East Coasters down, I lived in the Adirondacks for years, and we learned about conservation (and surviving getting lost in the mountains!) in grade school, but I just feel like my friends and family there don’t quite get it yet when I talk about reducing and saving energy.  I’m not talking about buying organic groceries from Whole Foods down the street, but the big lifestyle changes just don’t seem to be quite as much on the forefront of the social conciousness.  Anyway, like I said, I’m hoping I’m proved wrong.  🙂  I mean, I already know that New York City is pioneering change in plastic bag usage.  And the University of Delaware is a leader in photovoltaic energy.  So I don’t know why I’m worried!  Oh, and I haven’t explored this site yet, but maybe it’ll be promising (I just Googled “eco delaware”):

Now, time to update the title for the entire “project.”  This blog will now become a little more about being a green bride in general, about my general philosophies towards creating a greener wedding, rather than resources specifically in Seattle.  Since there’s so much information on the web anyway, and we end up doing so much shopping online, a lot of stuff I will post (and have already posted!) is applicable anywhere.  Thanks for reading! 



4 Responses to “New Name!”

  1. Abby Says:

    Sad to see you won’t be getting hitched in Seattle, but excited that you’re getting things started. And, um, in awe of the bread oven!

  2. Leonore Says:

    I didn’t know you had a blog about your upcoming wedding! That’s so awesome! I’m so going to read this all the time now since I have weddings on the brain 🙂 I can’t really help you with the eco friendly stuff (although that’s a kick-ass theme), but if you have normal wedding questions feel free to bug me since I’m going through it too, miss you!

  3. Thanks, Abby! Since I’m still in Seattle for the summer, I’m still going to be looking at some stuff here to get some ideas. And we may have a big engagement type party somewhere in August, and if we do, I’ll be blogging about my trials in trying to keep that eco-friendly, too.

    And thanks for offer, Leonore! I can’t wait to see you at your wedding, and I totally feel the weddings on the brain, even though mine isn’t for more than a year.

    And thanks to both of you for reading!

  4. Brie Says:

    Very excited you are getting married and I am stoked you are aiming for a green wedding. Since moving to Portland I have been turned on to so much more than I ever was on the East Coast. I do understand how you feel, even the little things like going back home and seeing soda cans or bottles in the trash irk me.

    Recently I took a class in sustainable food/urban planning and it set a lot of what has already been happening in motion. I’m excited for you and happy to see you have a blog about this! And really, I do miss you. I’ll have to come visit you sometime soon.

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