Bridesmaids’ Dresses

May 23, 2008

Oh man, I just couldn’t resist putting this up now.  I’d been thinking I’d just do a post with lots of info about places to look for green/eco-conscious bridesmaids’ dresses, but I just found this one place that seems perfect and so I’m just going to go with it.  I’ll stick a couple more dresses I found at the end, just to give some alternatives.  🙂

So, if you don’t know about Etsy, you NEED to check it out.  I have a feeling I’m going to be using it for a lot of things for this wedding; you can find everything from invitations to potential wedding party gifts to things I’d love to add to our registery, whenever we get on that.  It’s basically a community of artists and collectors selling their wares.  You can shop locally, search tags, browse categories, all the good things that librarians love.  Except that there is no advanced search, so I can’t search for organic clothing in Seattle.  Sigh.  Oh well, for the moment there aren’t that many sellers in any give location anyway, so that’s not a huge deal.

Back to the dresses.  I searched the tags for “organic dress” and browsed through a lot of results that were fun and unique but not quite what I wanted.  Then I stumbled upon gaiaconception‘s V-Neck Hemp Tank Dress.

Tank Dress from Gaia Conceptions

Tank Dress from Gaia Conceptions

Isn’t it pretty?  And not only is it organic cotton, but it can be dyed in any of a number of beautiful colors.  And there are a whole lot more lovely dresses by gaiaconception, as well.  My goal is to find one place with several different dresses available in the same set of colors so that my bridesmaids can pick the style they want in the hopes that they’ll be able to wear them for many future occasions.  All that, and organic cotten?  I think I’m set.  🙂

Another great thing?  They’re all under $200.  And most are around $125-150.  This. Is. Awesome.

But now, for another couple of eco-friendly, potential bridesmaid dresses, just in case you’re interested:

  • ecoKashmere Assymetrical Hem Bandeau Dress from jonano (simple, and only in one color, although there is a similar style in black)
  • wrap dress from twobirds (this is eco-chic more because it’s another one that can be used for many different occasions; i.e. reusable.  it’s not made of organic materials, but it is handmade in the US.  There are also matching men’s accessories.)
  • A pattern for an infinity dress similar to the one from twobirds.  I’m not coordinated enough to do it myself, but maybe others are.  You can wear it in innumerable ways, and the color/fabric is really limited only by your imagination.

As always, if you’ve found your own solution, let me know!


A picture of us

May 22, 2008

I know this cut us off…

Originally uploaded by UltimateLibrarian

My efforts to get this picture into the “about” page failed for the moment. So here’s a picture from Flickr.

Relatedly, to keep down disposable camera waste, we’re going to set up a flickr pool and encourage people to bring their own digital cameras to document the wedding. 🙂

Well, I may have to change the title of this blog.  Largely due to a very generous offer from a good friend, we are again considering getting married on the East Coast.  Probably Delaware, but it’s kind of near DC, and the Washington vs. Washington is better title.  Maybe.

Anyway.  So our friend Mark has offered to cater our wedding.  And he tempted us with promises of using local, seasonal food (and potentially organic) and a reminder that Dogfish Head brewery is found on the East Coast.  And he’s going to have his own bread oven…One of the original reasons why I was able to dismiss getting married on the East so easily was that I didn’t like any of the caterers I found in my searches around Delaware.  But the main reason Delaware is on the list is that Jason’s parents moved there, and it’s fairly close to all my New York relatives.  Not only is that a plus just in terms of older relativies being able to come, but it means less travel and hence a smaller carbon footprint.  On the other hand, that benefit may be offset by the number of friends we have traveling from other places, including Seattle.  So, nothing’s set in stone.

But, in the meantime, I have been researching a few places in the Seattle area where we could get married.  The idea is to have the reception and the ceremony as close as possible, and preferably in the same place, so that we can just relax in one place and not have to take a bunch of cars somewhere else.  Here’s the list (all can accomodate at least 150 people):

Clise Mansion, Redmond, WA


  • Both ceremony and reception could be held here easily.
  • Beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Not too expensive, the information I received had Sunday from 11am-4pm at $975.
  • Preferred caterers include several of the caterers that I have been vaguely looking at, including Herban Feast (there will be more in-depth food posts later, I’m sure).
  • They have A/V equipment available (more on the reception music later, too).


  • On the Eastside
  • Can only use preferred caterers
  • Booking for September 6th will be tricky; the managers have to leave those dates open until the park’s concert schedule is set, so you get your name on a waiting list.

Fremont Abbey, Seattle, WA


  • Can house both ceremony and reception.
  • It’s in Seattle proper and is more easily accessible both by car and public transportation.
  • It’s a beautiful building
  • The organization that runs it is doing great things for the community and supports youth arts education.
  • It has A/V equipment available.


  • More expensive: I was quoted 1300-1600 (but it is a holiday weekend).
  • No outdoor space (can’t throw a frisbee!  sigh).
  • Might have to use a preferred caterer? 

Redhook Brewery, Woodinville, WA


  • Delicious microbrews!  Sorry, had to put that first.  It’s the one thing we’re definitely set on for the reception because we both love it so much (although I like my porters and he likes his IPA’s)!
  • Cheap: $400 for the room that holds 200 and $700 for the big outdoors “bowl” that holds 300.  That’s just from the website, though, so it might not hold on a holiday weekend.
  • Outdoors area (hopefully we’d have access).
  • For Seattle area friends, it’s easily accessible by bike via the Burke Gilman trail.
  • Did I mention the microbrews?
  • In-house catering with a yummy appetizer buffet @ $16 a person.  And preliminary research shows some amount of organic/local focus on the food…


  • On the Eastside.
  • Not clear if we could have the ceremony there, but I believe we would be able to find a place nearby.
  •  Preferred caterers.
  • Not sure of the A/V equipment or tables/linens status.

So, that’s what I’ve got so far.  It’s pretty basic, but I like to think it’s a start.  The location, and how people will be traveling, will be the biggest challenge to maintaining a low carbon footprint.  I’ve got some resources for offsetting that I’ll put up eventually, but for now we’re going to keep looking at how to continue to lesson our impact.  Keeping to (and deciding on) one location will be important, to minimize how far people have to go. 

One last thing: today would have been my sister Christine’s 24th birthday.  My whole family and all her friends miss her so much.  I’m so glad I asked her to be my maid of honor (waaaay before I was even engaged) before she passed away, and I’ll be honored to list her in our program as such.  So, my final thought: take nothing for granted, from this planet to your best friends and family.


The Engagement Ring

May 15, 2008

Since I just spent a lot of time today trying to figure out how to insure my ring (I didn’t have renter’s insurance, and then there was this thing with too many roommates…it got figured out, though, ❤ State Farm), I thought I’d post something really fast about it.

I’m the 4th generation woman to wear this ring in my family.  It originally belonged to my maternal grandmother’s aunt (according to a letter kept in my parents’ firesafe, it’s from 1928), who passed it on to my grandmother, who passed it on to my mother via my dad (who had the diamond reset in a simple gold band so that he had some say in it), and now to me.  I’ve put the stone back in the original platinum setting, and it’s beautiful.  And not only is it amazingly unique with a great story and am I fortunate enough to wear it until I pass it on to the next generation (it skips my sisters and will go to either an eldest daughter or niece; i didn’t make the rules, but I sure benefitted), but to my knowledge it’s not a blood diamond and I’m definitely “reusing.”  And I have to admit, it made the idea of proposing to Jason easier knowing that I already had a ring.  🙂 

Eventually, we’ll be looking at ways to get eco-friendly wedding bands as well, but for now, I’ll just post a link to a fascinating jeweler with lab-created diamonds (set in recycled gold!): greenKarat.  And, if you have a jeweler in mind, just talk to him/her/them about what your options are.  Check out the Buyer’s Guide from Amnesty International for some guidance.  There’s always lots of options, and you should be able to find something no matter your budget (tattoos, anyone?)!

And, with this and any other entry, I’d love to see other people’s thoughts and experiences in the comments.  🙂   

It’s a start

May 15, 2008

Well, I’ve been engaged for more than a year, so I figured it was kind of time to start posting!  I’ve had this idea for awhile, to do a blog to keep track of all my ideas and thoughts and even those bits that actually come to pass as my fiance and I start working towards actually getting married.  You can go to the “About” page to learn more about us and our engagement. 

So, a green wedding.  In Seattle.  Probably easier here than elsewhere, but it looks like I’ll be planning it from Bethesda, MD as I just got a fellowship at the National Library of Medicine.  We don’t know what Jason is doing yet, but it’s going to be kind of a destination wedding, so I’m already apparently departing from trying to keep things as eco-friendly as possible.  But it’s where we’ve lived for the past 3 years, all our parents have moved in the past year, and because of the way the rest of our families and friends are all spread out, we figured we’d go with a place we love, where at least some friends won’t have to travel, and we’ll try to make up for it elsewhere.  And maybe Jason will be staying.  🙂   

Right, so back to the purpose.  I see this blog as a reference/resource for myself, and potentially other Seattle brides (or even people planning other large parties).  As the planning progresses, I’ll be putting up stuff on clothing, food, locations, travel arrangments, favors, all that good stuff.  There’s a lot of information out there about having a green wedding, but I’ve got a couple unique things going for me: this is more or less specifically Seattle (although the ideas can obviously translate elsewhere), and I’m a librarian.  Not that that in and of itself is amazing, but I’ve had some training and practice in finding information and hopefully I can gather some new and hidden info and put it all in one place. 

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for posts with some actual information…